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11 August 2010 @ 02:22 am
This is very, very, very late.
Here are the lyrics that I'm using for the Making Of video: 
 ...and the pangs of hope still carve at my chestCollapse )
I woke up at 9:00 AM this morning.

I walked around in the Texas heat all day.

It's almost 2:30 AM.

I'm going to sleep~
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10 August 2010 @ 10:13 pm
Dear Jin,
       Did you hear what Johnny said about what would happen if you went solo, and then got cold feet? Please at least come back to the US!!!! that's what the effing visa's for, dangit
Some of us like to plan out our trips, you know? With the whole school thing going on, it'll be hard to squeeze you in!!! Who am I kidding? I'd skip a whole week of lectures if it meant I got to see you.
I have a frickin' RSS feed of your stupid website |:< not that it's helped me at all.
And how about an album? Is that what you're doing in Japan right now? It better be +__+
With all this silence, a whole plethora of rumors are bound to surface any time now. Raking up STDs while KT-TUN suffer alone, eh? tssk tskk

Not that I'm angry at you or anything lol jk, but can you at least update your crappy website every now and then? 

Love, an impatient American fangirl

BTW, I've finished timing the Making Of NMP. Expect it soon and not what Akanishi Jin deems as "soon" :]

I think I've invented a new colloquialism: 
"Getting through a traffic gridlock at rushhour is like waiting for Akanishi Jin to release information about his concerts."
Not amused.
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04 August 2010 @ 02:13 am
I'm really starting to wonder why no one has subbed the Making Of yet...
Now I'm wondering if I should bother subbing it? 

Hmm... Maybe :]
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31 July 2010 @ 03:18 pm
I ordered my new phone yesterday from AT&T's webstie, and got it in the mail this morning. Funny. I would have thought that they'd skimp on the shipping.
So I popped the battery in, let it charge, and went to the website that it indicated.
I type in all the required information, and come see what I got...Collapse )
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20 July 2010 @ 09:42 pm
Screw the rumors/news, I'm posting some graphics.

[5] KAT-TUN Banners (750x347)

These were originally made for the kattunlove banner contest, but they're only collecting virtual dust in a folder, so I'm posting them for you guys :]

(By the way, I will take requests~ So just ask! I've got nothing else to do with my summer XD)

To the banners!Collapse )
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28 June 2010 @ 02:27 am
It's been a slow week. The bits that I've managed to write have only driven me back into the pothole that I was already stuck in.
But, finally, I've written something I like! 


        Wind tunnels through the air, forcing its way around the globe at a mind-blowing pace. It sweeps over oceans for the salt, over beaches for the sand, over trees for the water, over deserts for the heat, and over unexpecting cities to shrug all of its luggage off. The relieved wind then hurdles over corn crops, over dusty roads, over scalding concrete, over unsuspecting pedestrians, over small corner shops, over piercing skyscrapers, and over itself again. The wind continues blowing, carrying only the things that care to stick around. It never stops, never falters, never wanes at the edges. Wind keeps going, keeps blowing, keeps doing the same thing it has for millions of years.
        However, on this day, the wind blew straight into the face of the young [NONAMEYET].
        “I want to fall in love,” she declares, parting her wild hair out of her face. “Like in the movies! Like on TV! Like… Like no one else ever has ever before!”
        His frown twinges at the side, unsure of whether a smile would be more appropriate. “Maybe it’s just not your time yet or something.”
        “Hmm…” The colors whip around her. They curl and bounce around her figure, wrapping her in a rainbow that emanates from her every breath. “Maybe.” She turns her chin down to meet his stupid expression. “Do you think Ne-ne has a girl he likes?”
        “What makes you think that?” Hiro shifts to put his legs up onto the concrete beside him.
        She shrugs. “Ne-ne is kind of out of it, you know?”
        “My mom told me once what it’s like to be in love,” she giggles. “You’re supposed to be all happy and your guts turn blue and start spewing out of your belly button–” she whacks him in the stomach with her foot. “Hey, are you even listening?”
        Hiro shoves her foot away and throws his pencil at her head. “No.”
        “So what if you’re right about it not being my time yet? What if I don’t realize that it’s the time when the time comes? What if that time’s already passed?”
        Hiro kicks her shin. “Stop being so noisy!” He sits up and beckons her closer with his hand. “I’ll tell you something very important that is always true.”
        “What?” She widens her eyes and sits down closer next to him.
        “If something’s meant to happen,” he says with a dramatic pause, “it will happen.
        She took a moment to absorb his words, storing them away in a mentally locked safe. Time, she figured, isn’t really as complex as it seems. Time is like a novel, like a cleverly-crafted manuscript that has every scene planned out frame by frame. No matter what you try, you cannot change time. Time is an independent constant. Time will continue on, regardless of her stupid little endeavors.
        “Time waits for no one,” she whispers.
        She stands up and grabs her bag. “We should get to class.”
        He yawns and stretches his paws out like a cat just before a long nap. “I’ll pass.”
        She rummages through Hiro’s bag and pulls out his wallet. “I guess I’ll go buy the new Final Fantasy game after school…”
        “Hey, wait a minute, you thief!” He immediately jumps up and continues through the corridors in a never-ending battle with the stupid girl who spoke too soon.
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