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The Almighty Spoon

This is my spoon... it has no point...


like listening to other people's babbling? me either. But if you want to, I suppose we could both bare with it, and read my babbling!

I live in the US (obvious, isn't it? all I do is complain!).

I have siblings (as if they matter), and I love to talk (ya, I'm weird like that. Who likes to talk to other people? seriously. I must be out of my wits).

Music is my Prozac. When my iPod is gone, so is my sanity (well, what's left of it, anyway.... >w<)

I use emoticons. It's difficult to portray my emotions with text, thus I use emoticons.

I love sushi and make mean onigiri.

I love my friends; they cheer me up when I'm down, make me happy when I'm sad, and just make me feel alive.

I write as a hobby, grammar is my best friend.

Semicolons anger me >->.

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